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Smiling Frog Purse


I made this frog purse for my niece for Christmas. The pattern is for sale in my Etsy shop, with step-by-step instructions, and includes the skeleton embroidery pattern.

I used a beaded belt with tassels for the strap, since it's gorgeous but never looked good on me. My daughter later said I should have sewn D-rings into the frog's hands, so the strap could be changed out.

The felt was a thrifted wool sweater that I washed and dried on hot to felt. The spots and lining were cut from a shirt I love that never fit right.

I think the skeleton embroidery took me about 15 hours, but that included making some design changes as I went. I'm not sure how long the rest of the sewing took, because I had it half assembled before I thought of embroidering the skeleton on the belly, so I took it apart again.

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